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382 Anderson Drive , Quesnel, Colombie-Britannique

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About Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada

382 Anderson Drive 
Quesnel, Colombie-Britannique
V2J 1G9

Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada singular mission is to save animals during disasters with our rescue and recovery services and to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals through our educational outreach programs.

About: PSCS is a non profit organization devoted to keeping animals safe during disasters

How: Education, recovery, shelter, and reunification.

Mission: Help educate and prepare pet owners for emergencies that

will affect their animals. To ensure all animals have the best chance to survive disasters.

PSCS works with Emergency Operations: when a large disaster strikes, such as a wildfire and the local animal organization can not take care of all the animals affected, PSCS will step forward and help. We will do what needs to be done to recover, shelter, and reunite animals with their owners. PSCS operates under the E.O.C. following all the rules set up by them.

PSCS works with Emergency Social Services: when a personal disaster strikes, such as a house fire and the local animal organization can not take care of the animals affected, PSCS will step forward and help. We will do what needs to be done by making sure the owner has all the supplies needed to take care of their animals if they are able to keep them with them or we will find foster homes to place the animals until it is feasible to reunite them with their owners.

PSCS works with Victim Services: When an animal is in a high risk environment PSCS will offer foster care for the animal until it is safe for the animal to be reunited with its owner.

PSCS works with the RCMP: When animals have been affected by illegal activity and have no where to go. PSCS will help with transportation to other Rescue Groups who can care for them.

PSCS is not a rescue group. We offer emergency short term assistance to all animals affected by disaster large or small.

PSCS has working relationships with Emergency Social Services, Victim Services, Amata Transition House and Crooked Leg Ranch. These organizations help humans and animals when emergencies such as house fires, natural disasters, and even domestic violence issues arise. We are always looking for foster homes and volunteers to help us with our mission of saving animals during emergencies!

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Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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We are available 24/7 to help in any local emergency situation.

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